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Prof. Dr. Shaibur Rahman Molla, Editor in Chief at EBRJournal

About the Journal

ISSN-P: 2708-0943 | ISSN-E: 2708-8421

Environmental and Biological Research (EBR) is an international peer reviewed journal started its journey on the 1st January 2019. The EBR offers a venue where relevant interdisciplinary research, practice and public policies can be recognized and evaluated.

The Society of Environmental Biologists is the publisher of EBR. The EBR is sponsored and managed by the “Society of Environmental Biologists”. The journal is being published from Jashore, Bangladesh under the supervision of the Society and Editorial Board Members. The current address of the journal Office is: Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Jashore University of Science and Technology, Jashore 7408, Bangladesh.

The journal aims at faster interdisciplinary and integrative approach to sustainable resources development and management at catchment/aquifer or related events. The “EBR” encourages the submission of significant and quality research that leads either to a better understanding of the natural phenomenon or propose practical applications of the knowledge. It encourages the submission of manuscripts in all fields of environment and biology.


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- Pranta Mazumder